How Tradie 4U works

How affordable, easy, online advertising works for Australian tradies and NZ tradies


  1. Tradie 4U is the only tradie directory in Australia giving your tradie website dofollow link juice. With our competitors, you pay for useless NOfollow links to your tradie website. Nofollow links block search engine spiders, therefore no backlink juice for your tradie website.
    How can you check if your directory link is dofollow or nofollow? In Windows/Chrome RIGHT click > Left click “Inspect” your link in an online directory. If you see something sus like rel=”nofollow” before or after your link then it’s blocking spiders from crawling your tradie website.

    1. It’s FREE.

    2. We don’t sell leads like our competitors do. It is online advertising for Australian tradies that connects buyers directly with tradies.

    3. Relevant link juice: A locally owned Australian tradie website, linking to Australian tradie websites.

    4. It’s easy to register.

    5. Instant tradie online ads. Your sales pitch appears online as soon as you finish your NZ Australian tradie online registration.

    6. FREE 20-minute digital marketing consultation including good free SEO consultation about your tradie website. How do you know it’s good? For a start, I guess you found this tradie benefits web page using a search engine.

    Search, find local Australian tradie tradesmen nearby.

    Who can register on Tradie 4U?

    Any tradie in Australia or NZ can register on Tradie 4U. You don’t have to have a website but you’d be advised to have at least one domain name. We can buy a good domain name, IN YOUR NAME, for your tradie business @ $11 per year including GST, including SSL security.

    If you only depend on Facebook know:

    1. Social media sites do not give dofollow link juice.
    2. You don’t own your social profile. Businesses like Meta’s Facebook own it and
    3. the effort you invest in linking to your Facebook page benefits Facebook.
    4. Social sites own your pages. You don’t. They can delete your profile at any time.

    Who will be deleted from Tradie 4U?

    Online ads on Tradie 4U are for NZ and Australian tradies only. I see a few businesses on our Australian Tradie Map that are not in Australia or New Zealand. These spammers are listing to take advantage of the dofollow back link juice we provide. They will be deleted.

    Tradie marketing Australia.