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Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer free samples. As a retailer, we buy all magazines from their publishers at the regular trade price. However, you could contact the publisher directly.

We usually sell all copies of the magazines offered in our shop. Some publishers and distributors offer the retailer the option of returning any unsold magazines. However, because our range includes magazines from countries such as Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom, sending them back would involve considerable effort in terms of logistics and would also be very expensive. We therefore choose not to return any unsold magazines. At the same time, this allows us to also offer our customers older or out-of-print magazines.

We receive up to 20 enquiries per week from publishers all around the world. Because we can’t always respond to each one right away, all enquiries are checked and answered in chronological order. It may therefore take several weeks or months from receiving your enquiry to being able to respond to it. However, we always endeavour to answer all enquiries.

A magazine must meet various criteria before we can include it in our range:

  • In line with our business concept, the most important factor is that the publication is an independent magazine. All magazines in our range are independent and do not belong to a large publishing group.
  • We pay special attention to how the magazine looks and what type of paper is used to make it (FSC-certified).
  • We don’t sell glossy magazines on subjects such as luxury goods or cosmetics.
  • We don’t include publications in our range that glorify violence or weapons, nor ones with racist content or a certain political leaning.
  • The magazine should cover one of the following topics: design, architecture, photography, art, culture, music, food, community, society, nature, sports, sustainability. We don’t consider magazines that focus purely on lifestyle, fashion or beauty.
  • We must then ensure that we find the right target group and readership for all of our magazines.

Wow, we’re happy to see more of your great publication. Please find our address on the contact page.

That’s a good idea. We are always interested in new magazines from all over the world. If you think your magazine would fit perfectly to our shop, we are happy to hear from you: Please use our contact form. Please note that we might have a little longer to reply to your request due to the large number of requests we get.

In some countries import fees/taxes may apply to your order. They will be charged from your the carrier or local post service. Please note: We are not responsible for any customs and duties charged to a customer.