Tradie 4U Team

Director, executives and employees of Tradie 4U Services are listed below. Please use the Tradie 4U contact  information such as phone number and or email to contact the Tradie 4U Services team.

David Thomas

Qualified Tradesman as Fitter Machinist

Served as an Indentured Apprentice with ACI Victoria.

Apprentice Schooled at Box Hill Tech

Elective subjects were Heat Treatment at South Melbourne Tech, Metallurgy at Swinburne.

Moved to WA in 1975 to work for Goldsworthy Mining at the Shay Gap site for 4 years.

Returned to Victoria in 1979 and completed Cert of Technology in Mech Engineering and Drafting at Swinburne.

Worked contracting to the Mining and Construction Industry in WA, NSW and the NT.

Removed a power station from Nylex industries in Victoria and re-constructed in Katherine NT.

Set up VISCO Seals in Victoria, a very successful Mechanical Seal Company still active today.

Returned to WA and set up Ring-tread Tyre Service specialising in Truck tyre and had retread plants in Perth and Darwin along with retail outlets in Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs.

Been operating Resource Technical Service (RTS) since 2005 contracting to the Engineering and Transport industry.

Worked in the UK, Europe, Indonesia, WA, NT, NSW, Victoria, Off Shore Rigs and Engineer on Trawlers.

Dave Thomas Executive Director Tradie 4U Services

Ben Grummels

Digital Marketing including SEO in Perth for promotion of tradies, tradie businesses and trade supply companies in Australia and NZ.

Ben has a wide range of business experiences and understands the promotional needs of tradies and tradie businesses Australia-wide. Before going into private business for 43 years Ben had senior roles in the mining and oil and gas industries.

He’s a family man based in Perth Western Australia.

Ben Grummels, SEO expert Perth.

Sam S.

Sam is Tradie 4U Services, web support executive based in Perth’s northern suburbs. He’s our friendly helpful, smart, web tech support expert, advisor, database manager and problem solver.

Sam is a family man who loves cricket and fishing.

Sam Giandzi. Web support expert Perth.

Ms X.

Our admin lady.

Ms Z.

Our experienced social media marketing lady.